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The Regesta Pontificum Romanorum Online (RPR Online) aim at registering all papal contacts up to the year 1198 in a database. Thus, it will become a central directory for all questions concerning the popes' actions from ancient to high medieval times.

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Papacy in the Middle Ages

The pope, alongside the Holy Roman Emperor, was one of the universal powers of the European Middle Ages. The Roman bishops regarded themselves as successors of the apostles Peter and Paul, who gained continuous influence from Late Antiquity until the High Middle Ages.

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Papal Charters

The charters issued by the papal "chancery" were the most important medium to express the popes' will. The output of papal charters both in quantity and in quality excels those of all other secular and spiritual dignitaries.

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Institutions Involved

Göttinger Papsturkundenwerk

In 1896, Paul Fridolin Kehr introduced his goal to collect all papal charters up to the year 1198 and make them accessible for research. This project, known as the "Göttinger Papsturkundenwerk", has since contributed fruitfully to the research of Europe's history.

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The "Pius-Stiftung", founded in 1931, is a foundation named after Pope Pius XI, who provided the financial basis. It has supported the "Göttinger Papsturkundenwerk" continuously to this day. Kehr had met the future Pope Pius XI during his travels.

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Akad. der Wiss. zu Göttingen

Since it was first introduced at the then Royal Academy of Sciences in Göttingen, the project has been closely linked with this institution. In 2007, it became part of the Academy's programme of projects under the title "Papal Charters of the Early and High Middle Ages".

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